9 Out of 10 Guitarists Lack Control Over Their Playing. Do You?

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Introducing ... Mastering Control: Simple Guitar Dominance


We know and understand the importance of physical technique with regard to great guitar playing, and you now understand that it's all based on the foundation of fundamental, physical control. Imagine how it will feel to start building the technique necessary to play what inspires you and made you want to play in the first place, instead of whatever random songs some method book or common guitar teacher says you need to learn!


Self-trust as a player is critical to achieving higher levels of guitar mastery and ability, and confidence is needed for this self-trust to develop. Playing confidence and playing ability have a reciprocal relationship; each strengthening the other, and you'll cultivate both when you dig into Mastering Control. Confidence is also a learned and transferable skill you'll be able to better apply to other areas of your life, once you've gained more of it through your improved guitar playing. 


A primary aspect of all the Guitar Antihero trainings is rugged individuality, gained through the personal power and authority of better guitar playing. But the truth is, the vast majority of people with guitars are more or less "playing around" at guitar playing, rather than actually doing what they want to do with the instrument: you and I both know this is true. With Mastering Control, you're giving yourself access to a system most players will never know; thereby breaking apart from the masses. If you're the kind of player who seeks more from their playing, then this is for you.


The methods you get inside Mastering Control have been proven to just plain work, day in and day out. Unlike some guitar instruction you've probably seen, there's no fluff, no filler, and no bullshit here. You're gaining the advantage of accessing workable techniques and applications, with all the guesswork removed, so you can start becoming the guitarist you aspire to be right now, today.

Here's What You Get in the Mastering Control 5 Week Training Course Today

  5 Weekly Trainings that help you gain physical control of the guitar that gets Results & commands Respect
  Week 1: Overview and Building the Foundation

Week 1 is where you learn to avoid the common (and mostly ignored) mistake that stops most players from achieving long-term success, and why making "friends" with the guitar is vital to the process. Once you really get this, your playing and perspective will only change for the better.

Week 2: Placement, Pressure & Pragmatic Fingerings

Here's where you discover why the usual method of just plunking down your fingers and squeezing strings sucks, and how to use correct fretting hand mechanics for maximum playing efficiency. Avoid the traps most guitarists succumb to with what you learn in Week 2.

  Week 3: Tension & Release (Unity of Opposites)

In Week 3, you're learning about the "Unity of Opposites" regarding ideas of tension and release: many people advise releasing all tension while playing, but there's a right way to actually do this to achieve great results. Discover it here and watch your playing become more controlled and effective.

  Week 4: Economy of Movement & Application of "Less is More"

The old adage "Less is More" isn't always true of great guitar playing, but it certainly applies to a few critical areas of your technique. Here you'll learn how to leverage the power of "Macrocosm vs. Microcosm" for maximum picking & strumming efficiency & control, along with more effective fretting hand technique. When you adopt the methods learned in Week 4, you'll strengthen your playing so that when you decide to play "more", your results are also more.

Week 5: Purposeful & Bold Progression of Technique 

Every action we take should be purpose-driven, and this is no different with your guitar playing. The problem is, most players use a haphazard approach to increasing their technique without a definite purpose; moving from one thing to the next, in hopes of improvement. What you learn in Week 5 solves this problem for good, and helps you establish a solid playing foundation that's firmly rooted in reliable, unshakeable purpose.

Meet Your Instructor

Tom Garman teaches and lives according to the maxim “Think more Pirate than Royal Navy”, and this philosophy permeates every aspect of his teaching ideology and methods. As the founder and Chief Antagonist at Guitar Antihero, he believes in giving  the "middle finger" to common, boring instructional methods, and has trained thousands of guitarists around the world in the ways of rugged, results-oriented guitar playing that commands respect. His driving purpose is to help ambitious guitarists achieve greater levels of personal power and authority in their playing and overall lives through his exclusive system of elite guitar trainings.

The process of real guitar playing is a legitimate path to personal Power.”

      Chief Antagonist, Guitar Antihero

  Here's What You're Getting in Mastering Control: Simple Guitar Dominance

5 weekly, comprehensive sessions. You'll receive immediate access upon your registration, and will have lifetime access to the training. The sessions include different media, depending on that week's focus, and are designed for full integration of the material.

Mastering Control: Simple Guitar Dominance utilizes video instruction, audio files, written PDFs, guitar-specific charts, and quizzes to provide a well-rounded curriculum; helping you to maximize the results of your training.

You'll receive an exclusive certificate of completion upon finishing the course, suitable for printing and framing. This certificate symbolizes your achievement and commitment to becoming an ambitious and results-oriented, real guitarist. 

  A Few Words from Players Who've Achieved Great Results ...

Jason Mehman Guitar Student

Guitar lessons for individuals that want to bitch slap all the posers and douche bags who destroyed your confidence years ago.

Josh Musgrave Guitar Student

To start, Tom Garman does not stand out at all from any other guitar instructor. No, Tom Garman stands above. He does with both his attitude and approach ... the self-proclaimed Antihero focuses on giving you the tools you need to make your own tools.

Jason Edgington Guitar Student

Tom is an excellent guitar instructor. He has helped me become a better guitar player, and I will continue to recommend him to several fellow guitarists.

Is Mastering Control: Simple Guitar Dominance Right for You?

Unlike most guitar instruction, the Guitar Antihero courses are NOT for everyone, and this is true for Mastering Control: Simple Guitar Dominance as well. Take a look at the lists below here to see if you meet the criteria for enrollment, and are the right sort of person for this course.


  • Someone who aspires to be, do, and have more with their guitar playing.
  • Someone who is willing to think outside the proverbial box  ("More Pirate than Royal Navy") regarding mindset, methodology and practice.
  • Someone who takes full responsibility for their playing and results, and is willing to put in the work to see those results flourish.
  • Someone who isn't satisfied with the commoner "status quo" of typical, mediocre guitar lessons, and wants something that works.


  • Someone who isn't serious about improving their guitar playing: "tire kickers", lazy, etc.
  • Someone who is offended, or otherwise put off by strong language and a no-bullshit approach to their guitar training.
  • Someone just looking for a bunch of licks, chord progressions, or songs to noodle around with.
  • Someone looking for overnight results, or material beyond the scope of this training: this is not a "shred guitar" course, nor is it a magic pill you can take and instantly gain insane chops like Paul Gilbert or Al DiMeola, etc.
A Rebellious, 60 Day "Work the System" Money Back Guarantee  

Look, I get it. Some healthy skepticism is a good thing, especially if you've been burned by other guitar trainings ...

Know that since we do things differently here, the attitude of rebellion doesn't just apply to the training itself. I'm doing something else most other guitar programs won't do ...

Enroll in Mastering Control: Simple Guitar Dominance today, and if you've not increased your playing control, understanding of your playing, or begun to see the progress you want within 60 days of really working with the material, just send me a message at the email address you'll find in the member's area, and I'll refund your investment in the course, no questions asked.

Bonus Training (Premier Version Only)

Mastering Control is available in 2 versions: Standard and Premier. The bonus instruction below is found only with the Premier version of the course.

Bonus Module: Working It Out In the Real World

In order to really know if what you're doing works, you must try it out in the real world & in real playing situations. Many guitar courses gloss over this truth, but this is what it's all about. In this bonus module, you'll learn effective ways of applying what you've learned in Mastering Control to whatever real-world playing situation you encounter.


  Bonus Module: Controlled Chaos

Think simply having greater physical command of the guitar will create smooth sailing for all your playing needs? If you do, then you'd better think again. The process of real, results-oriented guitar playing can be downright chaotic, and will leave you shipwrecked if you're unprepared to navigate the storm. This bonus module gives you the critical mindset and techniques needed to ensure your success when things go wrong (and they will).

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  • 5 Week Course
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  • Lifetime Access



  • 5 Week Course
  • Video, Audio & PDF Resources
  • Lifetime Access
  • Exclusive Bonus Instruction



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